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Warmest welcome to academic year 2015/2016

Dear parents,

I would like to welcome new parents who will embark on Montessori journey this August, and welcome back parents who have been with us. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family during holiday. I believe it gave the children a fresh start to begin school with.

New teachers

I would like all parents to join me to welcome our new teachers, Ms. Maria, Ms. Sisca, and Laoshi Susiyana.

Ms. Maria has been doing Montessori for almost 20 years and she has trained Montessori teachers in Jakarta.

Ms. Sisca is one of the first parents whose son was our very first graduate. She has been working closely with the school since 2008. After being a Montessorian this year she agreed to support the school further by stepping in as a Montessori Teacher in Love class.

Laoshi Susi, our Mandarin teacher, is one the happiest people I have ever known. Her long teaching experience I am sure will bring joyful learning to our children.


Many parents that I know allow their children to wake up late during the holiday. My suggestion is to keep what has been in order during school days. However if that did not happen in the past one month it is time to bring back the routine. Please do understand if your child takes time to adjust him/herself with school again. The keyword is consistency.

Coffee Morning

A cup of coffee helps us to start the day, and our Coffee Morning session will help you to get in tune with the school in assisting your child's development. The schedule as follows:

  • Monday 11 August

  • Tuesday 12 August

  • Thursday 13 August

In this session we will distribute the new Parents Handbook and talk about the rules and regulation.

Registration Form

Within this week our administration staff will distribute the new registration form. Kindly fill out the form and return it to school ‎during the Coffee Morning session.

I look forward to another successful year for all members of COSMIC community.



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