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Toddler Program (18 months - 3 years)


The purpose of the toddler environment is to help each child develop independence, motor coordination, language and social skills. The teachers assist children in this development through careful preparation of the classroom and through their interaction with the children. Our toddler classroom affords the child aged 18 months to 3 years a unique time of self development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect and support.


The teachers observe the children each day and monitor their development and readiness. The Montessori environment offers toddlers opportunities to participate in songs, dance, large muscle activities and crafts. The children are given freedom of choice in order to develop independence and skills needed before entering the Children’s House. The Toddler environment is a simpler and slower paced classroom than the Children’s House.


It is vital for young children to have a trusting relationship with the classroom staff. Therefore we make it a priority to provide consistency in staffing and schedules to make our toddler environment a secure and inviting place for young children.


If your child has not yet toilet trained, we will do it together. 

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